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she's standing on an overpass

&the basics.
º name/nickname. willow
º age. 23
º sex. female
º location. forest city, north carolina.
º relationship status. single
º zodiac. virgo
º ethnicity. white/caucasian
º religion. still none
º smoke/drink. no/yes
º occupation. full time writer (currently that sounds less depressing than 'unemployed')
º loves. summer glau. firefly. claire redfield. my family. north carolina. green goodness.
º hates. creepy internet stalkers. baby vomit. paris hilton. being unemployed. peaches.

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this woman is a goddess.
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willow's wall of gratuitous pretty

So I'm jumping on the bandwagon -- therefore I bring to you Willow's Wall of Gratuitous Pretty. Hee. I will add to the wall over time, and this will be a sticky/public post for all to ogle enjoy. They aren't really in any particular order, but of course Summer and Adam are first. And let me tell you, finding good quality pics of AB that aren't of him as either Jayne or Casey is damn difficult. So I may redo his graphic at some point, if I ever find any good shots of him that is.

Anyway, let the drooling commence!

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we are going to be friends

fandom free-for-all friending meme
do you wanna date my avatar be my friend?


º play nicely in the sandbox kiddies.
º any and all fandoms are welcome.
º pictures welcome, but please only ONE IMAGE PER COMMENT.
º meet some new friends and have fun!
º pimp, pimpity, pimp, pimp!